01-Aug-2013 The End Is Near

August 1, 2013

We started out young, like so many other couples.  We had lots in common – began dating while we both returned to college – our second tour of duty, studying and making good grades after flunking out right out of high school.  We loved to be together, we laughed, went to the bar, drank some beer – times were good, they were great.

Eventually we got married and had five children – the first three were boys.  After thirty years of marriage, I don’t think it’s going to last much longer.

About ten years ago I began changing – I became more and more uncomfortable with my view of religion.  Eventually, I discovered that the religion I was involved with wasn’t what it claimed – not even close – so I quit.  After searching for “god” for the first time in my life I began questioning “Did god create man, or did man create god?”

Reading the old testament, it was difficult for me to feel love towards or from a god that would wager with satan over Job’s faithfulness.  Read that story again and explain how a loving god would need to do something like that.  If you honestly believe that story is true, and that’s how a loving god would behave, then fine – I’m honest enough to admit I think that story, like so many others in the bible, is simply stupid.

For those of you who like the bible so much, why not read about and think about the story of Lot, a prophet, who gets drunk and has sex with each one of his daughters, making each pregnant.  And they say the bible is the book about god’s love?  Get real – be honest with yourself – really read the stories and then ask “Do I really believe this?”  Then you’ll eventually come to the realization the bible is a collection of stories, basically mythology, created and revised by men a long time ago in a world that we can’t even begin to identify with.

There are so many other stories in the bible that contradict any rational reasoning to believe in the god that’s portrayed in those pages.  Suffice to say that I’m an atheist.  Now, years ago, I never, ever, ever would have thought I’d have ever thought this way.  In fact, I was somewhat afraid of atheism and felt pity for those without belief.

That’s all behind me now and I’ve moved on to a very satisfying belief – accepting the likelihood that when someone dies, they no longer exist in any form.  Period.  End of story.

And, so what’s so scary about this belief system – discovering truths that crumble religious beliefs?  I’m actually very grateful I discovered the truth about god – that he isn’t – and I had the opportunity and inspiration to accept it – especially when so many can’t or won’t even allow themselves to think outside  their comfort zone.

So, how’s my atheistic life?  Am I worried?  Am I experiencing a dismal, dreary, agonizing existence? Am I now free to do anything without a conscious?  How totally stupid for people to think these things about atheists.  I guess some people jump to these conclusions because of their religious leaders who practically scream at them, spewing scare tactics.  (yawn)  That sort of mind control is totally repulsive.

. . . more later . . .